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Do you ever wish you could get out of the daily grind, that 9-5 routine? Step out and do it, become a full time travel family we did and you can too.

Who we are – A full time travel family

I’m (Rosie) family travel blogger, mum to a boy and two girls, living the mummy-hood. Born a Kiwi, raised in Australia, confirmed coffee addict and have a love for adventure and seeing all this world has to offer.

Cam (Mr D) as he is referred too is a communications and strategy consultant, born and bred Australian, football fanatic, photographer, resident guest blogger and a foodie at heart.

We have three kids 12, 10 & 5 who are homeschooling and enjoying each new destination as we road trip Europe.

I want to show them the world one map stop at a time!

Travelling Full Time – Why we do it

Our journey began 4 years ago. Life was hectic, the corporate career had meant constant distance and a fast paced life.  We felt like we were on a hamster wheel going round and round and …..round

We actually had that moment where you look at each other and ask “Why are we living this way?”
I knew our kids were missing out on the best of who we could be. They needed our time!

Having travelled independently pre kids. I knew we loved it. The fly by the seat of your pants lifestyle, hip hopping from one destination to another, absorbed in a world of new experiences, flavours and sights and most importantly sharing time together.

so…. we chose to live life differently.

We wanted time together with our kids to enjoy what life has to offer and to share new experiences together.

Travel is our modus operandi.  So that is how we became a full time travel family.

Road tripping Europe living full time in our motorhome with kids shouldn’t be any different to travel as a single or a couple. Right?

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So, we have kids and No,  they don’t go to mainstream school.

We worldschool our kids while we travel, using the environment and new destinations to create ad hoc and deliberate learning opportunities.

Worldscooling our kids

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Your next question is probably something along the lines of, but how do you afford to travel full time?

Travelling Full Time – How we do it

As the designated organiser in the family, I set about making a new life for us. But it took time, about three and a half years to be precise.  I’m an accountant by trade so I knew we needed income to offset all our expenses whilst travelling. We needed to become digital nomads. I set the gears in motion, did some retraining to become a freelancer and blogger, working from wherever I am in the world.

Then I planned… and planned…., saved, (procrastinated a little), researched till I had a todo list I could never complete and finally, sold and packed up life in the suburbs.

Reducing  living costs was the only way we could make our dream a reality.  Living in a motorhome is part of how we do that. Europe is incredibly well set up when it comes to travelling in a motorhome, so we can free camp or stay in a caravan parks at a minimal cost.

It’s an added bonus not having to pack and unpack  for the family at every new destination and, we always have transport!

Budgeting is a huge part of how we changed our life to become a full time travel family.

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Full time travelling family monthly budget
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I run a family travel blog (this one!) offering advice and guides to the Best Destinations in Europe, Travel with kids, Road trips through Europe, Full-time Living in a Motorhome, Worldschooling, and all the in between.

Where are we now? – Travelling Europe

We are currently travelling in our motorhome through Europe, worldschooling our kids, one map stop at a time. Opening their minds to new opportunities to create, play and learn as we experience the magic of new destinations.


Come share in the adventure, mishaps and successes as we experience each new destination,
better yet, click the link and tell us your favourite destinations in Europe.  Find the Map and tell us where to go!

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Share your travel gems with us and send us off on an adventure to your favourite destinations.

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