RV Must Haves for 2018

The five of us are road tripping Europe in our Motorhome.  Of course there are some things that you deem important when you live full time in your Campervan.  I call these the RV Must Haves!  Those essential items that make life on the road run smoothly.  Some are items you just wouldn’t venture out without and some are items fall into the category of ‘Home Comforts’.  I’m going to explain why these items are our essential motorhome accessories.

Essential items for RV Setup

Navigator Built for an RV  

We both have Iphones and are quiet capable at navigating using google maps. Needless to say, this navigator was at the top of our list when we setup to venture out into unknown on the wide open roads.  Well, actually, many roads in Europe are not wide open, but teeny tiny narrow streets.   We needed a navigator that would select the best route for us in our 7.5 meter (24 foot) Motorhome.  This sweet little gadget has steered us round traffic delays on the German Autobahn, directed us around roads we are too heavy for and finds an alternate route for us where a bridge is too low for us.  If our Motorhome is too wide, to tall or two heavy it will find us an alternate route.  As an added bonus it also shows us where the closest ASCI (RV) parks are on our route.  It’s my number 1 on the Motorhome Gadgets List.

Garmin RV 660LMT 6-Inch Navigator

Garmin RV Navigator


  • Elevation Map Tool
  • Custom RV routing
  • RV Parks and Services Directory
  • Road Warnings

Buy from Amazon Garmin 660 Navigator

Power inverter for free camping – Converting 12v to 240v

Europe is a road-trippers playground!  Many of the European Union countries are well set up for RV travel and it is possible to free camp (boon dock, wild camp) in many of them.  However, when free camping you don’t have access to 240v electricity as you do in a camp site or motorhome parking, which can make it impossible to charge all those devices and gadgets. An inverter is essential as it converts our 12v battery power to 240v so we can charge or phones, use the hair dryer, or charge the hand held vacuum.

Vetomile 1000W Power Inverter 

Vetomile 1000w RV Power Inverter


  • Multiple Output
  • Converient Charging
  • External Fuses
  • Multi Protection
  • Warranty

Buy it now Amazon Vetomile 1000w Inverter

Our Recommended Inverter

We brought the option that we could afford at the time we were setting up our motorhome, but if we had the extra cash, we would have brought this inverter.

3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 

Pure Sine 3000w Inverter


  • Power Tech-On Advanced Technology 
  • Ideal for power failure emergencies
  • 5 Protection systems Protection alarm
  • Total Harmonic Distortion

Amazon Buy Inverter Pure Sine 3000w

The PS1004 is an ETL certified Pure Sine Power inverter that takes DC power and transforms it into AC power, which can power households products like a blender, refrigerator, and more. The continuous output is 3000W and the surge power is 6000W.  This inverter comes with a starter pack of cables and a wired remote that can reach up to 15 feet.

Levelling Chocks – For an even nights sleep

Europe is one of the most diverse land scapes and we have learned that not all camp sites wether “free” or “paid” are created equal.  Well actually they are not all  flat!  These levelling chocks have come in handy numerous times throughout our journey so far. Levelling chocks make cooking and sleeping in the motorhome much more comfortable. Our motorhome doesn’t have electronic levellers like some of the fancy ones on the market, so this is a great affordable manual option to level out our Camper.  We have only uncovered one site where the chocks didn’t work and that was because the site had over a 4 degree decline.

Multi-Leveling Blocks for RV

Motorhome Leveling Ramps


  • Stable
  • Rigid Grips
  • Durable
  • Light and Compact

Amazon Buy Now Levelling Chocks for RV

Drinking Water Safe Hose

You need to be able to fill up your water tank in your motorhome, so carrying a hose is an absolute necessity. Its important to get a hose that is drinking water safe as the water you are putting in through the hose you will be drinking out of the tap later.  Don’t just use any old garden hose, get a drink water safe hose.  Carrying a hose is essential if you want to fill your water tanks on your adventure.

Drinking Water Safe NeverKink Camper Hose

Neverkink Drinking water Safe Hose


  • Drinking Water Safe 
  • Patented anti-kink technology
  • Rigid sleeve
  • Ergonomic leak proof coupling
  • Lifetime guarantee

Buy from Amazon Water safe Hose

Heavy Duty Power Cable and Adapter

Your probably thinking any old extension cord will do the trick when motorhoming right?  Well, in our experience a heavy duty cord is the way to go.  Sometimes your required to lay out your cord across a driveway and other RVs will drive over it.  Other times your out in the rain and snow and need a cord that is going to hold up against the elements.  A heavy duty extension cord is the best option and a must have motorhome accessory.

25′ Ft Heavy Duty RV Extension Cord

RV Heavy Duty Extension Cord


  • 25′ Ft RV 30 Amp STW 10/3 Heavy Duty
  • RV Extension Cord Power Supply Cable,
  • For Trailer, Motorhome, Camper

Buy from Amazon RV Heavy Duty Power Cord

Safety Items for every Motorhome

First Aid Kit – A must have RV accessory

We never travel without a good, well equipped first aid kit. I actually have two kits both with different equipment, so we are covered for any small emergency with the children or ourselves.  I am constantly using our First Aid Kit for cuts, bruises, splinters, and bites.  With three children we are never far away from the everyday bumps and bruises that children see. This is one item I just can’t travel without! And you shouldn’t either.  Its on the list of  RV must haves.

OXA 100 Pieces First Aid Kit

RV Must Haves - OXA First Aid Kit


  • Contents: 100pcs hospital grade medical physician-recommended supplies
  • All Purpose
  • Convenience

Buy on Amazon First Aid Kit for Motorhome

Motorhome Insurance Policy

Insurance is a critical must have when driving a motorhome.  We brought our insurance in Germany and are covered whilst we travel throughout most of Europe.  Insurance is an item that you want to have done your homework on and be well aware of the pros and cons associated with your particular policy.  This is a must have for you adventures.

Child Safety Seat

This is the most practical booster seat for families travelling with kids in a Campervan.  Its best features other than making a child safe is it portability and size.  When you travel (& live) in your RV space is a limited commodity. Having the ability to fold up the child restraint and pop it away in a cupboard when you need to use the seats for dining space is super practical.  No more lugging around bulky child restraints that take up so much space. Its also awesome for taking with you on flights to new destinations as it fits in your carry on and it with you ready when you transit at the next location.

Mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat

Child Restraint Mifold Grab and Go


  • 10x smaller 
  • Advanced, compact, and portable
  • Folds up to fit into a child’s backpack, glove compartment or bag

Buy from Amazon Mifold Booster Seat

Safety tested and meets or exceeds NHTSA standard FMVSS 213 in the USA . Please note that if you are purchasing from a country outside of the USA, there are international versions available which comply with Canadian and European safety standards.

 Motorhome Living Essentials – Home Comforts

Washing bag – Scrubba portable washing system

Having a portable washing machine is a genius idea.   Quickly do some washing after any little “accidents” that happen all the time you are travelling with kids.  You can  do some washing every day if you so desire, keeping on top of the every growing laundry needs of a family.  All without getting your hands wet and soapy!  As a bonus, it also doubles as a storage and dry bag.

Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Scrubba Portable Washing System


  • Machine quality 
  • Efficient Clean
  • Durable microbial- and hydrolysis-resistant polyether TPU
  • Dry Bag also
  • Lightest and smallest washing machine

Amazon Buy Scrubba Washing Bag

Save time and money doing laundry while travelling; machine quality wash in 3 minutes; wash clothes where ever and when ever you want for FREE; transparent window for seeing filling level and washing; ultra lightweight (5 oz); folds down to pocket size; doubles as a dry bag.

Portable Clothes Line

I need a  washing line that you can quickly put up inside or outside the Motorhome.  During winter wet socks become a constant, so finding a way of drying out all the kids snow drenched clothes is important.  Pop this line up inside, hand the washing, it drys over night (most of the time), then they can venture out and explore again the next day.  In summer, pop it up outside so the washing catches the breeze. No pegs required.

Design Go Go Travel Clothes Line

Pegless Washing Line for RV


  • Pegless travel clothes line
  • Use with hook or suction cups
  • For internal or external use in RV, Motorhome or Camper

Buy from Amazon Pegless Washing line for Motorhome

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

Having a vacuum cleaner is definitely a home comfort item.  Its not all that hard to whip around with the broom and dustpan, however, when when you are living with five in a Van, a portable mini vacuum is a little bit of luxury.  I would normally sweep out the RV morning and night, but when we are at the beach or parked up on  gravel/dirt, the motorhome seems to accumulate sand/dirt/dust from goodness knows where?  Well, its all the little feet trooping in and out all day that helps this accumulation.  But a quick zip around with the vacuum and its all clean again in under 2 minutes.  It is also handy to get into those harder to reach places that a broom can’t, like the door railings and corners.

Black & Decker Hand Held Vacuum

Black & Decker Hand Held Vacuum


  • Lithium Ion for long life battery
  • Smart Charge Technology uses up to 50% less energy
  • Cyclonic action
  • Rotating slim nozzle

Buy on Amazon Vacuum Cleaner for RV

Sleeping Bags

We brought these fabulous sleeping bags because we travel winter and summer in our Camper.  They are perfect for all seasons.  We can put them together or use them apart, add or remove the pillow and even fit a little kiddie in with us when the bad dreams hit in the middle of the night.

KingCamp All Season 5F/-15C Sleeping Bag

KingCamp All Seasons Sleeping Bag


  • Fit adults up to 7′ with super large size 94.4 × 35.4 inches, wide enough for an adult and a child; Compress into 19.7 × 11.8 × 11.8 inches; Weight 6.4 lbs
  • Double-layer filling 140g hollow fiber, cotton flannel lining
  • Unique full-open zippers design (included detached hood part)
  • Adjustable drawstring half-circle detached hood

Buy on Amazon King Camp Sleeping Bag

For temperature 32 °F to 41 °F (0 °C to 5 °C), Extreme temperature 5 °F (-15 °C); ideal for outdoor camping, sleepovers, family visits, and other situations when there are not enough beds for everyone.

Outdoor mat – Saves you some vacuuming and sweeping time!

An outdoor mat makes keeping the RV floor much cleaner.  Feet tracking in snow, mud, sand, stones and dirt will hit the mat and shake off excess before they get to the van.  An outdoor mat will save you sweeping and vacuuming the Motorhome twice a day like I do.  Anything that saves me time on the ‘house work’ is great right!  Thats why this item is on my Camper must haves list.

Reversible 9’x12′ RV Garden Mat

Reversible RV Outdoor Mat


  • Breathable material won’t damage grass
  • UV coated
  • Soft and durable 100% virgin polypropylene material
  • Easy to clean – mold and mildew resistant
  • Lightweight and compact

Buy on Amazon Reversible Outdoor Mat

Outdoors Dining Table and Chairs

We travel to experience new destinations and the great outdoors.  Get a good outdoor table and chairs that you can set up for those beautiful morning having breakfast in the sun.  Its so nice to sit outside for an evening meal or two when the weather is fine with a glass of wine and watch the kids play. A bigger table means you can enjoy the company of friends around the table.  We love to meet new people and invite them over to our Motorhome for a chat and coffee when we are staying at a campsite.  Its a great way to find out new and interesting places they have discovered.    Its a home comfort item, but well worth the investment.  Memories made around the table can last a lifetime!

Office Star Folding Bench and Table Set

Outdoor Folding Table and Bench Set


  • 3-piece folding table and bench set 
  • Waterproof, stainproof, scratch- and impact-resistant
  • Sets up and cleans easily; folds flat for storage

Buy on Amazon RV Table and Bench Set

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