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“Living full time in a motorhome with your kids is crazy!” I get this comment a lot.

But life is what you make it and doing life in a motorhome works for our family. It’s just like driving your home around with you, but everything is on a smaller scale.

We choose to live life differently so we could spend quality time with our kids.  Our motorhome allows us to travel relatively cheaply. We live simply!  We have what we need and we do without what we might want, so we can afford to spend money on making memories that last forever.


Full time motorhome living Europe Costs
What does it cost to live in a van full time with a family touring Europe?

Why do we live full time in our motorhome? 

With three kids, there is a huge benefit in not having to pack and unpack at every new destination.   Motorhome living means a slow travel pace, which suits the family lifestyle.

We are free to roam and explore a destination for as long as we want. At the end of each day adventuring, we can come home to our cosy home on wheels and put our feet up. To us this is bliss.

Living in a Motorhome
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