Most travellers to Slovenia in winter come for the vast array of winter sports and activities in the Alps, but why not stop off in Ljubljana first and enjoy this vibrant city. It’s one of my favourite cities.

Winter can be one of the best times to visit Slovenia, BUT….. if you are visiting Ljubljana in winter, take your Winter Woolies!

It gets cold! How cold, I hear you ask?

Well, temperatures drop under zero regularly.

Ljubljana in Winter
View from Ljubljana Castle Road


Despite the cold, Ljubljanicans still love to while away hours having coffee along the Ljubljanica River Canal in one of the vibrant little cafes or restaurants.

Grab a blanket, a heated table and get a feel for this beautiful city, absorbing the atmosphere and watching life go by.

See the 1 Day Itinerary here.

I recommend you try the hot chocolate; it is thick like custard and a true culinary experience.

Slovenian’s like to dress to impress and must have got to the front of the line when God was handing out looks, because there are lots of beautiful people in Slovenia and a lot reside in Ljubljana.

Winter in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is an active city all year round, but there are a few events that only happen during the winter months that you won’t want to miss.

This city is one of the cleanest and greenest I have ever visited and the Slovenians pride themselves on their Green initiatives.

But be careful, because once you visit, you’ll want to return again and again and again.

That’s why the country is named sLOVEnia.

How many days in Ljubljana do I hear you ask? I recommend three to get a full appreciation of this beautiful city.


Ljubljana Christmas Markets

Known as the ‘Festive Month’, the old city is dressed in lights, and the townsfolk come out in throngs to celebrate the numerous events held over this month. Christmas time in Ljubljana is magical.

The Christmas Markets (Festive Christmas Fair) are held in the historic centre of the city.

Lights get switched on November 29, and the Christmas Fair opens at the same time. The town is illuminated with thousands of twinkle lights and vendors selling warm spiced wine (mulled wine), honey cookies, and various Christmas craft wares.

Christmas markets are open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm and are located:
Petkovškovo Nabrežje Embankment
Breg Embankment
Pogačarjev Trg Square
Ljubljana Castle courtyard


New Year Party Ljubljana

See in New Years celebrating with revellers in one of Ljubljana’s many squares. Join a pub crawl or enjoy the beautiful fireworks display that lights up the sky above Ljubljana Castle at midnight from a restaurant in the old city. Ljubljana has numerous events in January for the winter traveller.

Pubs, restaurants and bars are open late for those wanting to celebrate till the early hours.

January is traditionally a time to take to the mountains for some snowtime fun. But before you head out of town, try your hand at some ice skating in Tivoli Hall, do a little post-Christmas Shopping along Cop Street, around Preseren Square or at the Emporium Gallery.

Best Bar in Ljubljana

Bars are one of the most popular things to do in Ljubljana at Night during winter, as it is too cold to be outside.

I recommend Pritličje right in the center (2 Mestni trg, Ljubljana). It’s a cafe of sorts by day, where you can relax in a window seat and sip hot coffee watching the world go by outside, then at night, it comes alive with music and a young hip crowd.


Carnival in Ljubljana

Carnival comes to Slovenia in the Month of February and early March. A combination of religion, myth and folklore combine in a parade through the centre of Ljubljana. Unique creatures like the Kurrent, Laufar & škoromat are part of the Shrovetide celebrations that attract thousands to the city.

Contact Ljubljana Tourism for exact dates for Ljubljana Carnival.

Ljubljana Green Dragon Parade (Carnival) is an exhilarating and mesmerising event filled with music and vibrant colour; enjoy a traditional apricot filled doughnut (krofi) whist watching in wonder.

Visit Ptuj or Cerkno Carnival during February this Winter in Slovenia

Ptju & Cerkno Carnival
Click Me

Best Restaurants in Ljubljana 

There are some amazing places to have a cozy lunch or a candlelit dinner in Ljubljana. If you visit Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski Grad), which you must do whilst in Ljubljana, it has Restavracija Strelec and Gostilna na Gradu, both equally good restaurants.

Where to stay?

Ljubljana’s old city has a pedestrianised zone, which means that a large area is walking only and you don’t need to worry about cars. It’s a good idea to stay close to this zone, so it is easy access to the old city and castle beyond.

Hotel Cubo is close to the old city and has easy access to the main attractions in Ljubljana.


What can I do for Free in Ljubljana

Have a family and looking for some free things to do in Ljubljana with Kids?

Free things to do in Ljubljana with Kids
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Itinerary – 1 Day in Ljubljana

If you only have one day in Ljubljana, I suggest you see and do the following:

  • Ljubljana Castle for views over the city and a dragon ‘selfie.’
  • Walk the old town and visit Prešernov trg Square, Franciscan Church & Plečnik`s Triple Bridge.
  • National Museum of Contemporary History (Muzej Novejse Zgodovine Slovenije)
  • Dine at a Restaurant overlooking the Ljubljanica River Canal
Bled to Ljubljana

Image by jeanineM from Pixabay

Ljubljana to Lake Bled

If you have extra time, take a trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled
So, how do you get from Ljubljana to Bled?
It can also be dangerous for those that are not used to driving in snowy conditions. View up to date pictures of Webcams all over Slovenia to see if roads have been cleared before heading out of Ljubljana on a road trip to Lake Bled.

Driving in Slovenia can be tricky, so if you have hired a car or are driving a motorhome in Slovenia, double check your directions as many streets appear to have the same name. It can be a little confusing for the uninitiated.

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