Family Life

Meaningful Experiences

I want a life where we collect moments, not things. Where we spend our money on meaningful experiences and live simply.

Meaningful experiences for our full time travelling family consist of anything from exploring a new destination together, uncovering the history around us to watching the sun set over the Adriatic whilst sitting on the rocks. The key to a meaningful experience is spending time together as a family.

Spending time with my family is precious and the memories we are making will last a lifetime.

Family Life – The Day to Day

Our Family life is a mix of worldschooling, adventuring, planning and chaos. No day is the same.

There is a loose schedule of where we would like to go and the places that are on our bucket list, but then there are all the ‘normal family’ life activities that we need to invest our energy in too, aka cooking, washing, cleaning.
Yes, its not all drinking coffee whilst overlooking some majestic view.

We live in a Motorhome, the five of us!

We have what we need to survive, we don’t have excess clothes, toys, technology or knick knacks, we utilise what we have and do without what we might want, which means we can spend our money on experiences together, making memories that last forever! To me these shared moments that we are collecting are priceless!

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