How do we find the Best Travel Destinations in Europe?

Thats where you come in.  We need to know where to go!

Do you have a travel ‘GEM’? 

Most of us do.  It could be:

  • Amazing places off the tourist track
  • Unexplored sites
  • Places the locals go
  • Incredible views
  • Great food experiences

Share your travel GEMS with us.  Tell us where to go to find your favourite places……

We will put them on our Itinerary, Find the Map and Go!

Tell us where to go
Share your best travel destinations with us and send us off on an adventure.


Follow our adventures to see if we visit your favourite destination.

Be inspired, whether it’s a holiday or full-time travel, these places need exploring! Check out our City Guides to some the the best Cities in Europe.

Road Tripping – Going to the Best Travel Destinations in Europe

I want to show my kids the world. One map stop at a time. We seek out adventure and are currently exploring Europe by criss crossing the map in our motorhome.  Each new day is a new road trip.  There is go much to see and I want to see it with them and share in the laughter as we recall the memories together in the years to come. We will look back and remember the funny things; telling them to go to sleep 101 times each night or getting lost in the snow on a mountain path in Idrija, trying to find our way home in a white out.

Family travel gives us shared memories and a connection that we will have forever.

“We collect Memories and not things”

This is what I tell my kids, reminding them at each new destination to take a ‘snap shot’ in their minds of the amazing sights around them, filing them away in their memory banks for reflection at a later date.

Taking a road trip allows you to experience the countryside and really get a feel for the environment you are in.  Its a wonderful experience that everybody should try.

Select a destination below and find out more.

France - Paris - View from the Eiffel Tower on a clear blue day
Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany, view out the balcony window.
Family Travel Europe Italy
Netherlands - Amsterdam - View down the Canal near Anne Frank House
Slovenia - Unesco listed Idrija, View from on top of the Mercury Mine down over the town.
Croatia Split old city from the marina
Anzac Cove
Travelling in Kosovo - Is it safe? The Kosovo library represents the changing times and makes travelling in Kosovo a must.

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